Mess – Artist in Residence

I’ve just spent the last two weeks down in Melbourne at MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) as an artist in residence.  If you don’t know MESS, they are probably the largest collection of synthesizers in the southern hemisphere and it’s hands on!! They make the instruments available to the community, giving people the chance to play with rare and expensive equipment that they would not get to play with otherwise.

I spent my time trying out so many different synths.  My favourites would have to be:

the Triadex Muse, a random function generator that I could listen to for hours, I love its sounds plus it’s angular shape;

A Fairlight CMI synthesizer consisting of a monitor with green text on a black screen, a musical keyboard that is beige with white keys an on top of it, to the right is a vintage looking computer keyboard that is dark brown with beige keys.
The Fairlight CMI

the Fairlight CMI – I’ve wanted to play with a Fairlight since the 90s, it’s one of the first samplers and has been used by amazing musicians from the KLF to Kate Bush.  I spent a lot of time with the Fairlight, adding my own samples and playing with the sequencer. I found the restrictions of the sequencer inspired some great melodies and rhythms.  I recorded a song which I’m currently just finessing and created some videos about how to use the sequencer.

the PAIA Drummer Boy, this one surprised me in the complexity of rhythms it creates.  It sounded especially great through the gristleizer and also through the OTO Baum.

There were so many other amazing and rare synths and I’m really glad I got the chance to play with them.  Thanks for Having me MESS, I can’t wait to come back.

So if you are ever in Melbourne make sure you check out what is happening at MESS.  It’s truly a unique place.