Synth and Sip

Explore the mesmerising realm of sound and creativity at Synth and Sip, an extraordinary event designed to captivate your senses and unleash your inner musician. Synth and Sip is part of Social Science, an event at the Queensland Museum as part of the World Science Festival Brisbane At Synth and Sip, you can get hands-on […]

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I wrote a guide to building a touch based synthesizer using the Teensy 3.2 for the Kons Academy in Slovenia. […]

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A girl with short brown hair looks at the camera smiling, her hands are on the musical keyboard of a large vintage modular synthesizer - the Arp 2600

Mess – Artist in Residence

I’ve just spent the last two weeks down in Melbourne at MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) as an artist in residence.  If you don’t know MESS, they are probably the largest collection of synthesizers in the southern hemisphere and it’s hands on!! They make the instruments available to the community, giving people the chance to […]

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