Intro to Locksport: How to Pick Locks

  • 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, April 18, 2023
  • Price: $0
  • Class size: 20
  • Venue: Cyber Palace
  • This workshop is not currently scheduled. If you'd like to know when/if it runs again, register your interest here

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Are you a curious person who enjoys solving puzzles?

Join us at Cyber Palace for an introduction to the art of lock picking from Lewis of QUT White Hats.

To a lock sport enthusiast, locks are just mechanical puzzles; To anyone else, the prospect of solving these puzzles is some insane, secret agent-type stuff!

There’s no better way of lifting the illusion of physical security then learning how to break it with your own hands.

In no way does Cyber Palace, or locksport enthusiasts endorse or tolerates illegal, criminal, or any activity that even seems questionable. Anything you may learn from someone in the locksport community is assumed to be used for education, safety, and in a positive context.

We believe in the golden rules of locksport/lock picking

Rule 1: never pick a lock that you don’t own or do not have permission to pick.

Rule 2: do not pick locks that you rely on or that are in use.

These rules are universally accepted in the locksport community as the golden rules to follow in order to keep locksport/lockpicking ethical.

This is a free event – you can rsvp so we can an idea of numbers